Helping Kids with Dyslexia Reach their Goals

PrintJoin us on June 25th for the Mercedes-Benz® Dealer  Championships Tennis Tournament at the Orem Community Park (581 W. 165 S. Orem, Utah), benefitting the Dyslexia Center of Utah, a 501(c)(3). DCU is a non-profit tutoring center here in Utah for students who are challenged with the most prominent language-processing disorder: dyslexia.

10-15% of the population in the US has dyslexia, but only five out of every hundred people with dyslexia receive assistance. Without the proper diagnosis and help, many dyslexics are only functionally literate and part of the 44 million adults with only the lowest level of literacy, limiting their ability to find jobs to function independently within their communities. – Dyslexia Research Institute

What can you do to help? Register for this tournament on May 1st, become a business sponsor today, or volunteer to help at this event!

Support the Dyslexia Center of Utah (DCU) as they aim to give assistance to children who are in need of help. As students are tutored in a safe and caring environment at DCU, they gain the skills and confidence they need to navigate through and conquer fully functional literacy. Your support, as a business sponsor or a tennis player in the tournament, will greatly assist DCU in giving specialized help to dyslexic students.

Sponsors, please visit the Sponsor tab for several ways you can help support DCU through this awesome tournament. Thank you so much.

Players, get your two-player teams together, and register on May 1st. $100 per two-player team. Further donations are appreciated.